Dhofar Cattle Feed Co. S.A.O.G. Group

We produce one of the best quality feeds available in the market.

We are providing reliable, traceable, proven and sustainable, quality finished poultry and Ruminant feed with State-of-the-art feed milling technology, the finest in Oman. 

Highest quality raw materials are used to produce the best feed in adequate quantities to meet round the year requirements. 

We maintain hygienic, bio-secured stock points to store raw materials and finished products. Our feed is lab tested at every level from production till packaging to keep a tab on its nutritional value. 

Strict quality control measures are followed at each point of the production stages. Fully equipped quality control laboratories attached to feed mill for analysis of raw material and finished feed quality working around the clock to deliver the quality product.

Our feed milling technology is upgraded to the latest standards, and innovative procedures are developed and kept up-to-date with a real vision of being the highest quality commercial feed supplier to the farmers

Dhofar Cattle Feed Company was founded in 1984 with a production capacity of 120,000MT per annum with its animal feed brand as A’ Sanabil. The capacity was increased to 150,000MT in 1993 to meet the market demand.Further expansion on 2014 with the construction of a new plant with a production capacity of 250,000MT per annum resulting in present total production capacity of 400,000 MT/ annum. 

The plant is fully computerized technology from M/s Buhler, Switzerland, and the world leaders in feed milling technology. The Feed Mill has the capacity to produce all type of animal feed in pellet crumble and mash form. We produce all types of Ruminant and poultry feeds. 

Our team of experienced professionals in nutrition, quality, production, finance, marketing and sales offers their services where it is required.

The production department is supported by well equipped quality control laboratory for quality assurance. Our full fledged Quality Control Department ensures continuous monitoring of feed in all stages of production assure that the best quality product is supplied in the market. The best Raw material meeting the international quality standards are purchased for feed production and stored in ideal storing conditions with periodic monitoring.

We have an excellent marketing and sales team to effect quick response to customer requests and to deliver products to the customer point. Our marketing team visits each customer regularly to understand the customer needs. Our service comprises technical advice to the customers in nutrition and feeding, farming practices etc to the customers.